The largest war in history is the subject of the largest and most comprehensive wargame project undertaken: All of World War II in Europe, North Africa, and the Near East at divisional level with semi-monthly turns and a scale of 16 miles per hex. Using a common game system and interlocking maps, each game is playable separately or as a link in the full Europa series of games. This award winning series of games has been played since the 1973 release of "Drang Nach Osten" (now Fire in the East). Since then, an expanding array of games and modules have been published, covering Europe, North Africa, an d the Near East. From the Soviet Union's Ural Mountains to the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain. From the Norwegion Arctic to the Suez Canal. Europa puts YOU in command of the armies, navies, and air forces that fought the battles of World War II!


MASTER EUROPA is a set of modules that provide a complete replacement of the rules and charts that come with the Europa series of games. You MUST have the Europa series in order to make use of these modules. Each module is linked to a specified Europa game produced by GRD Games. Several of the modules do not have a corresponding game (perhaps in the future they will) but are designed to allow the player to incorporate added action into scenarios, and combine the games into larger campaigns if desired.


I began the design work seeking to find more realistic rules (Messing with the system - MWTS) that would maintain the ease of play in the system. As I researched and began looking deeper to determine where things were "not quite right" (in my view) the project just grew. My great good fortune to have operated the Europa Demo Team (Task Force Johnson, then TF GRD) for quite a few years allowed me the opportunity to discuss the system with literally hundreds of players, from all over the world. The areas most often mentioned that 'needed' something, and the hundreds of ideas that were proposed allowed me to try to guide the project along what was the most "common agreement" areas of change. However, as things moved along, the need to change things became wider and wider to avoid conflicts with the carefully researched answers I was developing. I finally decided that it would be better to place the some total of the research and design work into a complete alternative rules package. The allows the rules to flow and ensures there are no hidden faults caused by the two systems (Rules As Written (RAW) & Master). In the final analysis then, you the player make the choices and the decisions as to how you play the game. I offer you this system as a tested, and thourough design answer for your consideration and enjoyment

Thanks, and good gaming!


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